Magic dust – Day 239

Somebody must have sprinkled some magic dust on me today because it’s all been going rather well. One of the things on my wants list has come to pass, I’ve been commissioned to write a feature, woo hoo!

I know, I am a journalist, why am I getting excited, I’ve been writing features for 30 years. Well, this is my first feature since all my work dried up and I had to start calling myself a PR. I don’t want to let journalism go entirely, I can’t, I love it too much.

I also got a super hit for Romany Romany  today who will be in Chat, It’s Fate magazine in December. A lead story of 1,300 words. I am so pleased as more than any other client, I want her PR campaign to sky rocket. I read through her book again today and was reminded of how brilliant it is.

As I was sending off pitches, I wrote her words ‘This is about deciding that you’re going to walk stubbornly towards your heart’s desire and not stop until you’re there, trusting that the next step will appear as if by magic.’

I just love that and I am going to try and keep it in mind. Magic is definitely in the air today. I had a call earlier from an old friend, who has met an actor who wants some personal publicity. He’s more B list than A, but this is a step in the direction I want to go in. Ever since I announced that I wanted to get back into the world of TV and entertainment, the landscape of my work has changed. I have performers on my books. I am doing social media for an agent.  I’m sending off pitches for TV shows. I’m getting closer.

Now all I need to do is write that damn book. It haunts me every day. I did manage 1000 words last week, which is better than nothing, but not enough.  Must. Try. Harder.

Personal manifesto

I believe in magic.


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