Perpetual motion – Day 238

This is getting silly. Yet another day of perpetual motion where I feel I haven’t stopped, yet I don’t seem to have achieved anything. Have I slipped into a parallel universe or is it just because, against my judgement, I’ve taken on a few social media accounts, which have sucked away my life?

I have and I did say I wouldn’t, BUT I am doing accounts for two people I really like. I think I can help them improve their social media presence and although the money isn’t great, it’s somewhat satisfying.

I cheekily slipped a joke of my own into the comedienne’s Twitter feed yesterday and got a reply from a big name stand-up. Don’t worry, I’m not getting ideas above my station, but it’s nice when to you get a tweet frisson. Honestly, you’ll only understand that if like me, you find social media a bit addictive.

I meant to write 500 words on the novel last night, but instead, found myself in bed with a bowl of peanut butter popcorn, watching Bake Off. How did that happen?

No profound insights. Nothing on my wants list coming to fruition. At least my dad is okay today, so I am thankful for small mercies.

Personal manifesto

Conquering my dream life one small step at a time.


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