What to say – Day 241

This blog is more challenging than usual. The Journey practitioner has told me not to blog about the process and this is tricky because the after effects have pretty much dominated every waking hour…and sleeping for that matter.

So, I’ll avoid the subject and just tell you that on this day, Friday, I paid my parents a visit. They are not together, but get on much better now than they did when they were.

Mum has dementia and Dad has cancer, but fortunately, Mum ran off with a younger man some 40 years ago and while he doesn’t really class as a toy boy at 60, he’s youthful enough to look after them both – guess he drew the short straw!

He turned up at Dad’s with a toolbox and was soon tasked with inspecting a light fitting that was running with water. He got drenched, so did the carpet and much laughter ensued. He siliconed the cracks in the shower and I called a plumber while Mum and Dad attempted to converse – they both have whistling hearing aids and Mum can’t find the right words any more, so there was much arm waving and not a lot of comprehension.

We all had lunch and afterwards, Mum kissed Dad goodbye. I suddenly had a mental image of them doing this decades ago while they were still together. Time has flown. They are so old now. I am so old now.

I was reminded by something my new client Romany told me. She asked her inner voice, if she would be able to do all the things she was meant to do in this life and it replied ‘Better to ask if you will be all that you are supposed to be.’ And with that, I’ll sign off, before I say something I shouldn’t!

Personal manifesto

I’m still in the game.


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