Chink of light – 245

I had a dreadful migraine last night and hardly slept a wink. I was dreading this morning’s Journey session and felt sick with nerves when I walked into the room. As per usual, I am not allowed to talk about what went on just yet, but I can report that I am feeling a lot chirpier.

The practitioner said that once my soul is in alignment, things will start to happen, doors will open. I always find that sort of thing hard to swallow, but guess what, I did get home to an e-mail asking if I am available for PR work. It was out of the blue. I’ve never heard of the woman who got in touch, but I am liking her already as the company in question just so happens to make products I love.

Opportunities continue to pop up like mushrooms for Romany’s wonderful book, which gladdens me and even one of my tricky clients responded well when I told them ‘The story you want me to place isn’t actually a story, but here’s a few that are.’

And even better, just as I was berating myself for not working on the novel, up popped an e-mail from a woman who ran a local writing course I did earlier this year. She’s running a three month course in Central London on Sunday afternoons and I promptly enrolled. I feel certain that doing the Journey is going to help the creative juices flow and this woman’s guidance is just what I need.

So, I’ve gone from feeling like all kinds of shit, to faintly optimistic in one fell swoop.  I say ‘faintly’ because this morning’s process has left me feeling like a wrung-out dish cloth, Still, I am moving in the right direction. The only way, as they say, is up!

Personal manifesto

I am an abundance Ninja.


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