Manifesting – myth or magic? Day 246

I’ve read a lot of books about manifesting and the law of attraction and the cynical hack in me wants to write them off as a load of rubbish. Come on, it’s 2018, hadn’t we better stop gazing into crystal balls and start worrying about why Donald Trump is a world leader instead?

But then, another part of me has a hunch that in the words of Jen Sincero ‘This shit really works’ and if it doesn’t, well there’s no harm in thinking positive thoughts is there?

Anyway, the point of all this…I am not supposed to be talking about what happened to me during Journey session number two, but the practitioner did reveal that she runs her entire life using manifestation.

She attracts the clients she wants, for the fee she feels is fair and even got her back fixed the other week with a little help from the law of attraction. Apparently, when you are in alignment, ie your soul is all shiny and happy and guiding you along the right path, then things unfold as if by magic. This is something that Romany talks about a lot in her book.

A few weeks ago, my soul was the equivalent of a bag of trash that had been dragged through several hedges backwards. Now, it’s a little cleaner –  you can see a few streaks of shiny gold where the dirt has been rubbed off in places. It is much happier and I wonder if this is why the universe is suddenly being so kind to me.

Earlier in the week, I had a meeting in town. I was early and as I wandered around the shops, I chanced upon a lovely new restaurant. I peered through the window and thought about how much I enjoy eating in places like that.

This morning, a woman I was due to meet at 3.30pm asked if I could come earlier. She had a table booked at one of the most talked about new restaurants in town and her lunch date had broken a limb. Would I come instead? I was there before you could say amuse bouche.

So, there I was, enjoying the kind of meal I was fantasising about just days earlier and being told that she wanted a PR for an amazing project of hers. It’s the sort of work that gives something back and that is what I crave at the moment. ‘Don’t give me a mates rate,’ she said as we parted. ‘There is proper funding, so I want a proper price.’

It’s the sort of lunch meeting I dream about and there it was. The whole thing had appeared as if by magic. Was it luck? Or am I really vibrating at a different frequency?

The Journey practitioner said I would notice people reacting to me differently and I was rather shocked when the maitre d revealed with a cheeky smile, that he hadn’t billed us for the desserts. Law of attraction, manifesting, universal gold dust…whatever it is, I want more!

Personal manifesto

Good things are coming right at me.

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