The chaos within – Day 247

If you want a glimpse of my inner workings, you need look no further than my wardrobes. They look lovely on the outside, but open the doors and you’ll find bedlam. Long forgotten things are stuffed down into dark corners, it’s impossible to find anything and the tide of clothes threatens to spill out at any minute.

The Journey practitioner warned me that I might want to clear out my cupboards after the process and she gave me a copy of Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but I hadn’t even read the blurb on the back before I pulled out the contents of my wardrobes and made my bedroom look like a hellish jumble sale.

What had I done? I was crippled by a raging headache and wanted to close my eyes, but there was a decade worth of clothing, handbags and cosmetics at my feet. What’s more, my husband who is no good at reading signals, kept wandering in to ask things like ‘What time is your flight on Friday?’ My flight? How do I know. I’m drowning in a sea of clothes here. F*** off! As you can gather, I haven’t quite purged myself of the anger that simmers deep in my being.

It took most of the day, but ahhh, it was worth it. 12 black bin liners later, our bedroom was an oasis of calm. Afterwards, I felt the urge to have a long soak in the bath, by candlelight. That is something I never do. I’m always in a rush, even in the tub. I felt so utterly soothed and in the moment. It was pure bliss.

I had planned on lying prone and watching crap TV for the rest of the evening, but I lay there ‘conscious resting’ instead.  I wanted my psyche to reflect my orderly bedroom.

My study is next on the list, but I will need to brace myself for that one as it is like a storm in a stationary shop. The only paper items that spark joy in my life are cheques and I have a feeling there aren’t any lurking in the mayhem. Still, you never know, life is full of surprises these days.

Personal manifesto

My bedroom is tidy and so is my mind.




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