After aches – Day 248

Ow. Arrrrgh. Eeeek. Those were a few of the noises I made when I woke up with terrible pain in my shoulders and neck. I usually reach for the Anadin Extra at the first sign of a twinge, but today, I decided to let my body heal itself a la Brandon Bays. Well, that was the idea anyway.

Attempts to breathe the tension out didn’t work, in fact, it seemed to make it worse. Then a memory popped up – I was eight, I heard screams from my sister’s bedroom. I turned on the light and saw her face covered in blood. She had banged her brow on the side of a toy box next to the bed and cut her forehead open. My parents ran in. ‘Who put the light out?’ I had turned it off earlier. It was all my fault. I was sent back to my room and lay there convinced that I had killed my sister. Why though, was this linked to my ailing shoulder?

I blasted my shoulders with a hot shower before setting off for two and a half hours of intensive ballet for beginner’s. My God it hurt, but by the end of it, I glimpsed myself in the mirror and noticed that my posture wasn’t too bad. “Yass! Yass! Much better,” shouted Big Dave the teacher.

I like the way ballet puts me in touch with my body and I could feel my shoulder and neck tension easing. Later that evening, I did a stretch class with a lovely lady whom I met at ballet. With the help of a chair, a tennis ball and a bolster cushion, I undid knots and eased my muscles. I almost felt human.

I wondered why I was in so much pain today. Was it another after effect of The Journey process? They say that emotions get trapped in the body – I felt as if I was carrying the burdens of the universe on my shoulders all weekend.

I had expected to be bounding around like a new pup after my second Journey process, but alas, that was not the case. Still, there are seismic shifts going on within and that has to be a good thing, right?

Personal manifesto

Every ache is taking me in the right direction.

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