The final frontier – Day 251

I had my final Journey session yesterday. Of the three processes I have done, it was the strangest, but also the most profound and when I stepped out of the building, I felt a little bit out of it and was struck by how luminous and still everything was. Then I worked out that the world looked that way because that is how I was feeling inside. My spectacles are not so much rose tinted – they’re holy!

The whole point of Journey work is that you get in touch with your soul and therefore God, grace, the source, the universe, call it what you will. I do struggle with this a bit. Part of me knows there is something in this, while the sceptic on my shoulder, is laughing and suggesting that it’s utter codswallop.

Yesterday, when the practitioner talked about travelling back to past lives, I knew I had only one choice and that was to suspend my disbelief and go with it. What did I have to lose?

At first, I couldn’t relax. There was building work going on next door and it felt as if a drill was about to explode through the wall at any minute. That turned out to be a blessing as we moved to a different space that was very church like.

It was much easier to let go in this peaceful setting and soon, I was forgiving those who have caused me pain, reuniting with a long deceased family pet and communing with Robert Powell in his role of Jesus of Nazareth. See, I told you it was a little crazy…

But something happened. I felt a deep sense of inner peace and also came to a big realisation. When asked why I was resisting letting go of my limiting beliefs, I replied ‘Because then I will have to succeed.’ That made me smile. What a chump! I am actually afraid of success!

I’d gone there initially to remove my money blocks, but as the practitioner explained, it’s never about money. In my case, it was an inability to receive, a feeling of not being good enough and a strong seam of masochism.

I am so grateful to have had the chance to go through this process and to have found such a sensitive, wise and intuitive guide. For me, the journey starts here. I’m setting off down the road with a new bag of tools and tricks, which will hopefully enable me to cope with whatever life throws at me.

Personal manifesto

I am free.

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