Tree hugging – Day 257

I hugged a tree today. I’m not a tree hugger by nature, but as I retraced the route I’d taken many a time when Jack and I walked our dogs, I felt the urge to wrap my arms around the trunk of an old oak.

It felt strangely comforting. Grounding. For a moment I felt connected to everything, then I started to cry and felt thankful that I was behind a tree and therefore couldn’t be seen by those walking past on the pedestrian path.

It was Jack’s funeral today and I along with many of his friends, lit a candle at 11am and said a prayer.

I had a final phone catch-up with the Journey practitioner and was so grateful to be able to talk this all through with her. I was still feeling sad when I put the phone down, but I felt lighter – light sad is much nicer than heavy sad, let me tell you.

I feel slightly panicky about my Journey process coming to an end. I’ve come to rely on the gentle guidance of my practitioner, but she seems to think I am going to cope just fine on my own. Gulp.

I’ve felt tired and foggy minded today, so haven’t achieved much on the work front. Bloody hell, this blog is starting to look like a One Year To Cry A Million Tears thing, but the new post Journey me is not going to fret about it. Oh no. A scented bath and an early night is on the cards methinks.

Personal manifesto

Everything happens for a reason and I have to accept that sometimes, I just don’t know what that is.


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