The pink feather – Day 258

It was there when I turned the corner. A bright pink feather. I almost stepped on it. It was for me, a sign to remind me to trust.

I’ve spent 12 hours being Journeyed to within an inch of my life and this means, I shouldn’t be reacting to challenges in the same unhelpful ways, yet when a client had a go this morning about the lack of coverage on their account, familiar feelings gripped me.

I’d already told said client that I needed strong stories to place them and had suggested a string of ideas. None of these had been implemented, but still the buck was stopping with me.

So there I was feeling panicky and stressed. This client will leave me soon I know and along with it will go their monthly retainer fee.

One of the pieces of advice my higher self gave me during The Journey was to just know that everything would work out. The practitioner assured me that clients who are not aligned with me will fall away and others will take their place. This is already happening, I got an e-mail from somebody in the wellness field who likes my ideas and wants us to work together.

I did a bit of deep breathing and asked the universe to let me know it was all going to be okay. A while back I told my sister that my ‘sign’ would be a pink feather. I already have a pink feather clad magician on my books and this morning, a single pink feather presented itself to me just when I needed reassurance.

I have to be brave. These old habits don’t serve me well. I need to hold onto the feeling I had when I walked out of my final Journey session. Everything was shimmering. It is always like that, it’s just that I don’t see it all of the time. The shimmering essence is always within in me and will enable me to rise above petty politics and find my true path. Yeah!

Personal manifesto

I’ve got the best boss in the world – me!

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