No joke – Day 259

A while back, when I was determined to do things that ‘scare the crap out of me’ I signed up for a stand-up comedy course (I blame Jen Sincero). How was I to know that my friend, who happened to be a comic, would die a week beforehand thereby leaving me feeling about as funny as a shit sandwich.

I’d kind of forgotten about the whole thing and was just going to show up with a notebook, a pen and a bucketload of adrenalin. Then, I get an e-mail on Monday asking me to show up with my material. Material? What material? I am a PR/hack. I am jokeless. I thought they were going to show me how to be funny?

Anyway I was telling my Dad about all of this when we had lunch yesterday and he urged me to find some material fast before reminding me of the brilliance of Michael McIntyre whose talent I am clearly not going to match.

‘Did you see the one about the spices in the kitchen?’


‘Hilarious. I loved the bit where he said ‘I’m all spice.’ It was SO funny.’

‘Will you stop telling me about how funny Michael McIntyre is.’

‘Are you funny?’

‘Clearly not if you have to ask.’

Anyway, I went to bed, fell asleep early and awoke thinking it was 6am when in fact, it was only midnight. Guess what was running through my head? Comedy material. Okay, it wasn’t exactly side-splitting, but I got a whole splurge of ideas, things about my life that might be funny if I hone them. I was on fire!

I scribbled them down and then I couldn’t get back to sleep, but I drew on the conscious resting techniques I learned as part of The Journey process and went out like a proverbial light.

So, I have material, which is not quite funny, well actually it is not funny at all, but there is potential and right now, that’s enough. I mean, even Michael McIntyre had to start somewhere, didn’t he?


Personal manifesto

I am freaking hilarious!

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