Old ways – Day 263

The post Journey newness is beginning to wear off. Old habits are setting in. My resolve to go down a new path as a bigger and better person is weakening. I’m even falling asleep during the conscious resting sessions and if there is any divine guidance on offer, I am snoring my way through it.

The Journey woman did say that this was an ongoing process, but where do I find the time and energy to keep all this work going when there are meals to be cooked, washing to be put away and kids to be ferried hither and thither? I mean really, is it at all possible to be a badass mum or are you just plain exhausted half the time?

My shoulders hurt, my neck aches and my manifesting powers seem to be deserting me. I am not sure I have the strength to carry on down this new path, especially as I appear to be carrying a backpack full of sadness and anxiety.

I had tea with Jack’s old girlfriend today. She’s 49, single and a stand-up comedian. She dashed off at 6pm to judge some comedy show in London. She’s just been to Spain with some pals and gigs all over the country. I felt a little envious, before I reminded myself of how exhausting performing away from home late at night would actually be.

I’m glad that us two have come into one another’s orbit. We’ve hatched a plan to work on a book together and I am really excited about it. She’s a great writer and funny too. I think we’ll make a good team and if Jack is looking down on us now, I’m sure he’d be thrilled about it.

Personal manifesto

I am just so thrilled to be alive…




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