Pleasure trip – Day 266

In the many self-help books I am ploughing through, I keep reading that you must do things that bring you joy, but I wonder if might be taking this to the extreme. I’m doing a lot of fun things lately and it leaves very little time for work.

I took the day off yesterday to visit an old friend. The last time I saw her was at her dad’s funeral this summer and since then her beloved dog has been hit by a train. I figured she could do with some cheering up, but I think I am the one whose spirits have been lifted. I laughed a lot.

I talked about my Journey process and while this friend has done some Kundalini Yoga, she hasn’t the patience for much of the self-help movement and admits that when people urge her to think positively, she wants to punch them in the face. I can identify with that, although I do feel a lot less angry these days. This friend of mine is currently walking around with a magnet in her knickers as she thinks it stops hot flushes and I reminded her of this every time she thought my ideas were a bit out there.

I am off to the in-laws today, but tomorrow my day will be spent doing ballet and then a writing course. Yet more pleasure! I could get used to this.

Personal manifesto

I do things I love because I’m worth it.

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