Getting down to business – Day 268

I need to get down to business. There are books to be penned, articles to write and clients to find. I’m raring to go, but yet again, a whole day has gone by and I appear to have achieved very little.

The cupboards are full of food, the washing basket is empty and there is a hot meal on the table, but actual work work hasn’t really taken off today, but perhaps I am being too hard on myself as glancing at my ‘to do’ list, I see that of the 10 items I’ve jotted down, seven have been completed. So 70%. That’s enough for an A grade in this day and age I reckon.

It dawned on me today that PR is not my forever job.  I just don’t enjoy it enough. I love working with my smaller, individual clients, but I’m not sure I can be bothered with big companies.  Besides, I’m finding it much easier to get coverage for ‘people’ as opposed to products and that is probably because I find them infinitely more interesting.

There are two book ideas on the back burner, comedy material to fashion, a podcast to record and I am open to any other ideas that pop up. There is exciting work ahead even if I don’t know what it is yet. The pink feather tells me so.

I confess. I did feel the urge to moan about my lot today. Despite my mood hovering at 6 (With 10 for ecstatic and 0 for horribly miserable) I wanted to pour scorn on my efforts. I am naturally quite a negative soul, but do you know what, I am so SICK of that same old record. So, I gave myself permission to moan about how I will never make any decent money, but there’s a catch. I cannot do it just yet. I am allowed to complain when I have ticked everything off this list:

  • Sent my non-fiction novel idea to agents.
  • Written another 10 minutes of stand-up comedy and done at least one open mic session.
  • SEO’d my new pop-up cards website.
  • Got to grips with Google Shopping Ads and Google Ad Words re the cards website.
  • Pitched at least three articles to an assortment of wellness magazines.
  • Finally had a look to see if I ever did have any PPI.

When all of the above has been done and only then, will I permit myself to have a bit of moan. I am hoping I’ll be over it by then.

Finally, it wasn’t all bad to middling. I dropped my 18-year-old son and his 12-year-old sister off today and watched them walk off together as I was sat in traffic. I felt a burst of pride. What gorgeous kids I have! They also like me a bit more post Journey. ‘I love your good moods,’ declared the youngest when she got back from school. So do I. Let’s hope they last…

Personal manifesto

Go team universe!


  1. Lawdamighty, woman, you impress me. That’s a long and formidable to-do list; I try to keep mine down to 3 and fairly often don’t even get those done. I figure I’m doing good if the dishes are washed and the kitchen is tidy. If I get out for a walk then I REALLY feel noble. If supper is made, I’m Woman of the Year! Fortunately for me, I don’t feel I have to change much in order to like and accept myself. I’m okay as I am. Now if everyone around me would just smarten up. Hee!


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