Petty problems – 267

It’s been a day of petty problems. The boiler is broken so we have no hot water, the Council won’t let us renew our garden waste collection and there are leaves everywhere plus, we have a leaking shower and nobody will come and fix it.

Honestly, I’m trying to conquer the world here and could do without these niggling difficulties. I know, I know, first world problems and all that. I’m lucky to have a roof over my head, who needs hot water and heating?

When I haven’t been calling workmen or boiling kettles, I’ve been trying to stave off worry re my work situation. I am supposed to just ‘know’ that everything will work out, at least that’s what I came away with after my marathon Journeying.

The trouble is, there is no sign of it all working out at the moment and my bank balance is sick. After I have paid my assistant and forked out for the various subscriptions I need to do the job, I am earning less than £500 a week. Gah, I haven’t earned that little for years, decades even and am not quite sure how I am going to turn this ship around. If I was paid for all the hours I’ve spent networking my arse off, I’d be retired by now and the idea of doing any more networking makes me want to drown myself in a cold bath.

Getting on top of SEO

However, as I told myself only yesterday that I wouldn’t complain, I had better not. I wrote some ‘desires’ in my prosperity book today (yes, that’s a thing for me now) and spent a few hours SEO’ing the pop-up cards. We’ve spent £600 on a new website and so far, have sold one card for £6. My maths isn’t good, but that’s not a great return.

Still, Christmas markets have been booked and new stock designed by moi will be with us soon.

But do you know what’s really annoying me? I’ve spent hours and hours trying to clear my money blocks and open up to receiving and in my head I know what to say and do yet…I am not feeling it.

Abundance is not oozing from my pores. I feel only lack and I don’t know why. I want those feelings to go, but they appear to have taken root in me.  I just do not know what the answer is. I am a money magnet, I am, I am, I am. Aren’t I? Oh….

Personal manifesto

Oh my, I can barely move for all this cash coming at me from every direction.

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