IT’s a nightmare – Day 268

This morning, I was feeling mighty blissed out after a run and a conscious resting session, but a day’s worth of IT work has pushed me over the edge. SEO, integration, plugins….arghhh. Why is it all so hard?

It took me several hours to work out that the chap who built our WooCommerce site failed to give me admin access, so half of the things I was trying to do were out of my remit. For a control freak like me, not being denied access is hard to swallow.

Meanwhile, my assistant did great work on the PR front and while I was crying into a keyboard, she was making all kinds of breakthroughs. I must take her out for lunch and give her a rise as soon as I start making some proper money.

Not much to report. I’ve been frustrated, moody and short-tempered today. That’s IT for you. I honestly don’t know how my husband does it for a day job. He kindly offered to take the helm and sort out the cards website, but of course, he’s not admin either!

I am off to the hospital tomorrow to find out if Dad’s chemo is working. If it’s not, well, we’re running out of options. Anyway, an early night is called for. Shall I watch crap TV or meditate?

Personal manifesto

The IT angel is never far away.

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