A little bit of good news – Day 269

A little bit of good news goes a long way. We saw Dad’s oncologist today, who admitted that he’d received a lot of flak for putting dad on chemo at the age of 86, but felt vindicated by the scans, which show that the tumour on his liver has shrunk from 2 inches to 35mm. We didn’t mind that’d he’d gone from imperial units to the metric system in one fell swoop as big to small is good in our books.

The sun shone, we had a lovely lunch and Dad’s appetite reappeared after a two-week absence. I think he felt buoyed by the good news. We all know that a cure is not in the offing, but the chemo is buying time and we’re making the most of every bit of it.

Somebody got hit by a train today, which made the journey home arduous, but that didn’t matter. Pity the poor soul who felt so wretched they jumped onto the track. I felt blessed. I’d had good news, sunshine and the naughtiest ice-cream I’ve eaten in a long while.

I sank into a scented bath when I got home, by candlelight of course – I’ve gone crazy for candles and smells since doing The Journey. I followed this with 20 minutes of conscious resting and can honestly say I reached a heavenly level of chill.

Good PR results are coming through, there’s an exciting new client in the offing and life has been sweet today. More of the same please universe.

Personal manifesto

I am rich in mind and manifestation.


  1. What is it with Death by Train the past couple days? There were two accidental ones in Alberta yesterday or the day before. In better news, recreational marijuana is now legal across Canada. And is there anything more pleasant than sinking into a tub of warm water and feeling the heat engulf your body? Can’t think of much. Except maybe the log driver’s waltz, which “pleases girls completely.”


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