Long lunch – Day 271

I’ve been mostly lunching, which is a rather nice way to spend the day. I was with my sisters and my mum and had left my husband and the kids to fend for themselves. Turns out they did a good job as the place was tidy and there was a hot meal on the table when I got back.

I had another great PR result for a client today – about £60,000 worth of space in a national newspaper. I’d visualised how I wanted the article to look in my mind and for once, the end result was even better.

Next week, I have a meeting with another potential client whose shop I wandered into by chance. They are two brothers who make furniture and their work is so incredible, I am itching to do their PR. It’s very clear to me now that I get the best results when I have clients whose work really inspires me.

When I first started doing PR, I wasn’t fussy about who I took on, but now I can see that it really doesn’t pay to try and sell something you don’t believe in. It’s just too damned hard.

My headache is subsiding, which is good. I have 500 words of writing class homework to turn in and then I am going to flop on the bed and watch some bad TV. I deserve it.


Personal manifesto

My soul knows who I should work with.

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