Omming and ahhing – Day 275

My working life has been like running in a hamster wheel for the past thirty odd years. I never take holidays, hardly pause for breath and am always in a state of high anxiety. At least that’s how it used to be as things have slowed right down since I did The Journey.

I was getting worried about the lack of work on my plate, but today it struck me that it is part of the process. I am trying to carve out a new way of being, which means more of the same is off the menu. I have to slow to an almost standstill, so that I can rev myself back up and take off in a new direction.

My mind is certainly a lot clearer. I managed to write more comedy material on the train down to Sussex to see my dad and if I am brave enough, I will book in for an open mic slot next month.

I had a meeting with a potential new client while I was down there. They are craftsmen and the pieces they make are beautiful. They have such a great story and well, it hasn’t escaped my attention that they are um, really handsome. It’s not just me, a woman walked into the shop as I was leaving, looked at the owner and declared ‘My goodness, haven’t you got lovely teeth.’ The eyes weren’t bad either…

My dad looks a bit perkier and I am sure this is down to last week’s good news. We had a lovely lunch and went for a leisurely walk in the autumn sun. I made a point of trying to enjoy being in the moment today and notice that whenever I do this, my walking pace slows right down. It’s just as well as Dad gets out of breath easily these days.

I am off to a mindfulness class now. There’s going to be chanting and I’m looking forward to it. I enjoyed the weekend class so much, I’ve been listening to a free download from Acoustic Sounds, which is supposed to help you reach a deep state of consciousness. All I know is, it’s incredibly relaxing and I can’t get enough of it.

Apparently, there is going to be a bit of omming at tonight’s mindfulness session. Great.  This is most unlike me. What’s happening?  I’ll be doused in pachouli oil next!

Personal manifesto

I am madly in love with the now.

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