On the right road – Day 276

Now that I’m spending more time meditating and conscious resting, I’ve been wondering if there might be some divine advice in the offing. ‘What now? How do I make a living? What do I do next?’ I asked as I was running through the park this morning.

I was hoping for a bolt of lightening, a flash of divine inspiration or something, but instead, my own voice whispered in my head ‘Carry on as you are.’

What? What sort of advice is that? Call yourself a higher self?

‘It is better to take small steps along the right road, than big strides along the wrong one,’ was the reply.

Ah okay, that kind of made sense. Actually you ain’t half bad higher self. That’s almost profound.

The next bit of gut intuition came an hour or so after my daily conscious resting session. I mixed it up a bit and played a guided ‘Success meditation’ which I finished off with a piece of Om music from Sacred Acoustics.

A while back I decided to offer PR workshops, whereby I go to someone’s offices and give them PR tips and advice. It’s a great idea, but I haven’t promoted these workshops at all. Why not? This was the question that popped into my head.

They’re on my website now, I’ve got some social media adverts going out and I’ll be talking about them at a presentation I’m booked to do at a business networking breakfast next week. I might even dare myself to do a bit of ‘live’ workshopping, where I pick someone in the middle of chowing down on their rubbery scrambled eggs and do an improv PR makeover. It could work. It might not. It won’t matter if it doesn’t because people will have sausages and bacon to placate them. They’ll also be very tired and a few may have fallen asleep.

Before I go, let me tell you about last night’s mindfulness class. It was actually a Buddhist meditation group. It felt a bit strange at first as they have some odd customs, like pressing hands into the prayer position and bowing every time somebody speaks. I felt like one of those drinking bird toys.

The hour and a half passed quickly and I felt totally blissed out at the end of it. I am rubbish at meditation and dreaded the ‘silent’ meditation most, but actually, sitting there eyes closed in a room full of still people was hugely soothing. I almost floated home. My husband of course, rolled his eyes when I described the class and said it sounded like a load of w***. He’s just trying to be contrary. I bet he’ll be coming along next week.

Personal manifesto

It feels good to be on the right road. Yeeha!


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