Keeping the faith – Day 280

I’m really only here writing this as my former and frankly fantastic career as a freelance journalist, disappeared in a puff of click bait. Being a writer was my raison d’etre and suddenly I found myself both cash and rudderless.

Thanks to reading Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass, I decided to reinvent myself AND make a ton of money at the same time. We are almost into November and so far, the mission has been less than successful.

I’ve segued into PR and realise I am actually rather good at it. I get great results and from what I gather from clients who have tried bigger agencies, I offer outstanding value compared to what else is out there.

However, finding the ‘right’ clients has proved far tougher than I ever imagined and if I add up all the hours I spend trying to find them versus my income, the sums aren’t good.

Then there’s the novel. I haven’t written anything for weeks as I am utterly stuck. I hate what I’ve penned so far and have run out of plot. I know I ought to try harder, but the more I force myself to write, the worse the results are.

The online social media course seemed like a great idea, but again, finding subscribers means marketing well and that requires cash outlay. I’ve made a loss on that one as it costs me more to host the course online than I’ve received in subscriptions.

The cards are on the back burner too as I’m having to get an expert to sort out the Google Shopping Ads side of things. It was just way beyond my capabilities.

What now? Esther Hicks and all those other Law of Attraction/Secret afficionados say that you just have to whip yourself up in a a frenzy of belief. You have to act as if the thing you want is already there. It strikes me that acting as if you have a fantastic income when you do not, is a one way street to the nearest loan shark.

I wonder how winners think? I am sure Richard Branson never sat around moaning about his lot. What is it about the successful person’s mindset? And is it really possible to change your core beliefs and go from being one of life’s gripers to a high achiever?

Don’t get me wrong. I am positively brimming with gratitude over all the marvellous things in my life from a solid gold husband through to a roof over my head, health and all my own teeth. These things however, won’t pay to fix the various leaks that appear to be springing up all over our house.

I’ve still go eight weeks to go before this year of blogging is out. I’m not going to see in the New Year with a fist full of ££s, but it would be great if I could step into 2019 with a clear roadmap. So universe, that’s the thing that I want, what I really really want and if I could have it before Christmas, that would be super.

Personal manifesto

I am on the road to somewhere.

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