Write epiphany – Day 282

I got up at 5.30am today so that I could attend a local breakfast networking thingy. I was down to do a 10 minute presentation and as I have already done two of these for the assembled members, I wondered what else I could tell them about PR that they weren’t sick of hearing week in, week out.

PowerPoint gives me a headache, so I decided to freestyle it. Armed with a marker and a flip chart, I did a 10 minute snapshot of what one of my newly devised PR workshops would look like.

The idea is that people pay me to do a half day or day workshop at their offices, so I can devise a PR strategy and instruct them on how to implement it themselves. That way, they get something within budget and I walk away a little richer and a lot happier because coming up with the ideas is a doddle compared to the hard graft that follows.

There is only one problem. After explaining how I PR a business, the club members looked utterly shellshocked. They couldn’t believe how much money I have to fork out for tools such as PR databases and social media scheduling platforms. And as for the PR itself,  ‘That sounds like a LOT of work,’ said one. Nobody in that room wanted a workshop from me because in the space of 10 minutes, I’d shown them how time consuming and difficult PR is.

What I hate most about it is that you can never predict the results. I’ve landed spreads in national newspapers after sending just one e-mail whereas on other occasions, I’ve spent weeks on a project, only to get one poxy guest blog.

I decided to do PR because I thought it was the only way I could use my skills to make a living. That may be so, but I have no passion for it. I don’t want to rush out there and find new clients because the idea of trying to get estate agents and life coaches into the press, makes me want to weep.

I am so grateful for this morning’s 10 minute epiphany as it’s shown me a truth I was trying to ignore.

There is even better news. I’ve had permission to write a non-fiction book that I really want to do. I need to check the legals, but this will be a passion project and as long as I earn enough to pay the bills, I’ll be happy, in fact, I will be delirious.

I’ve been pitching some ‘wellbeing’ feature ideas too, nobody has commissioned any yet, but I live in hope. The idea of writing articles like a proper journalist again fills me with joy.

Look PR, it’s not that I hate you, I don’t. It’s just that I don’t love you like I do writing. I mean, you’re welcome to hang around for a bit and bring some money to the party, but you’re not my forever job. Writing is the one.

Personal manifesto

I am a writer, I am a writer, I am a writer.




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