The joy of hot water – Day 286

I was really enjoying this millionaire lifestyle of mine as I stood shivering in the shower washing down with the help of my faithful Poundland bucket. There is nothing like a cold house and freezing water to tip you over the edge.

But thanks to Gary, the fabulous and diligent local plumber, we’re back in the game. Hot water is flowing from the taps and our house, which yesterday felt like somebody’s shed, is a haven of coziness. Hurrah!

I scouted the net for some freelance writing and PR jobs today, there was nothing much to write home about, but I just got a call from a potential client I courted almost two years ago. I’d almost given up on him, but since we last spoke, he’s built himself a media career, has two companies on the go and wants some PR and social media support.

That call came at just the right time, because I wrote to the client who is in arrears earlier and politely informed them that I will not work on their account until all outstanding invoices are settled. I am getting the silent treatment. I suspect they are about to dispense with me, but good luck to them in finding a replacement as good as me who doesn’t expect to be paid on time.

This evening I am at the university, meeting students who want to work alongside me. They will join my company for three months and the uni pays their wages. As I have just one PR client on hold, they’ll be helping me on the social media side of things.

I’m not going to lie, I was in a pit of despond at the weekend over my career. My next book was going to be called You Are A Brokeass – How To Wallow In Self-Doubt And Start Living A Shitty Life, but now, I’m am much more positive – I’m not quite feeling the badass vibe, but at least I’m not thinking about slitting my wrists in a Poundland bucket of cold water.

Right. What do I wear so as not to look too starchy or stiff for the average 18 – 21 year old?

Wow. I’m just back from the uni. They have given me a team of FOUR students and Jesus they are bright and brilliant. Their ideas blew me away.

I can’t go round feeling crap about myself and my work now. One of the students said to me: “We really look up to you. You did this all on your own” and another added “The blog posts on your website are amazing.” And suddenly, looking at them gazing at me all bright-eyed and eager, I thought “Actually, yeah, I am kind of awesome and I haven’t done too badly after all.” That was just what I needed. Thank-you universe!

Personal manifesto

Success is already here.




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