Lucre on the line – Day 287

The phone rang at 10 to eight this morning and a voice said: “Remember that billionaire philanthropist I was telling you about last night. Are you still keen to meet him?” I kid you not…

I’ll explain more in a minute, but let me tell you about my mood yesterday afternoon. My self-esteem was on the floor. I’d just laid off my assistant and felt like a total shitbag. I was due to go to the university to meet a bunch of student workies and I was not looking forward to it – in fact, I almost pulled out of the scheme.

In a bid to reach some sort of equilibrium, I did an hour of conscious resting. Strong emotions came up. There were tears. I was the crappest boss in the world. A failure. What next? I guessed there was only one thing for it. Surrender. I was making a right royal mess of things so all I could do was ask the universe to sort it out. Do something. This is not funny any more.

A few hours later, I headed to the uni and after going into the wrong room and wondering why everyone looked so much younger than me, I was ushered into another where the business owners partaking in the scheme were congregating. I met some amazing entrepreneurs, one of whom was an app developer. When I indicated that his latest app idea was a fantastic story and offered up a headline, he told me about a billionaire he happened to know who was looking for a PR.

I thought nothing more of it. I mean really, I don’t work with billionaires. Anyway, the guy called me and arranged to meet me next week. If it goes well, I get to meet said billionaire.

My hunch is that this will come to nothing. Why would a billionaire work with little ‘ole me when he could hire the best PR agency in the world? It makes no sense. Even so, it’s an interesting development and apparently, there is an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) form on its way to me as I type, so sorry, I can’t give you any juicy details.

Also, I am still buzzing from the youthful energy that radiated from the students I will be working with. I e-mailed another business owner this morning and half of hers didn’t show up. I’ve lucked out there as my lot are raring to go and we’ve already scheduled meetings with two clients so that we can discuss their awesome social media ideas.

I also had an e-mail from a client who says that he’s getting lots more enquiries since I’ve been running his social media. So, it seems I am not crap after all and actually, if I just relax and go with the flow, there’s every chance that good things will happen. This whole opportunity with the students came about because one of my ballet class pals works at the uni. Never in a million years did I think that ballet lessons would boost my work life, but there you go.

Yesterday was a useful lesson. I basically did what the Journey practitioner has been banging on about, I ‘allowed’ and it beats running around in a wild panic, hyperventilating and getting absolutely nowhere. I wonder if it is all really that simple…

Personal manifesto

Go team universe!


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