Harsh reality – Day 288

My university workies had a taste of what life is really like at the PR coalface yesterday when we assembled on site to meet a client, only to be told he’d forgotten about our arrangement and wouldn’t be showing up.

‘This sort of thing happens a lot,’ I said. ‘The hardest part of this job is trying to get information, time and reliability from your clients.’

My words did not help one iota. They were so excited about this meeting. They had come up with a sheet of quite frankly, brilliant ideas on to how to improve the social media feeds of this brand and looked so crestfallen when the boss didn’t bother to appear. I felt their pain.

They are so hungry and I really want them to get a lot of this work experience. My dream would be to take one of them on as a freelancer if new clients come on board and I am hoping that the fantastic content they create for my agency will help sales. We have another meeting this evening and fortunately, it is with one of my more reliable clients.

24 hours after believing that my PR business was dead, it rose from the ashes. An NDA has turned up for the billionaire philanthropist, the hot guys who make lovely furniture have asked for some PR and a guy in the wellness arena also got in touch as did a friend who is designing a new piece of luggage on wheels. Suddenly it’s all go!

And we sold one of the pop-up Christmas cards designed by moi!

In the evening, I went to a travel convention do to meet and greet members of the media. I really wasn’t feeling it. I’d almost fallen asleep on the train reading Derren Brown’s book Happy, which lambasts The Law of Attraction school of thought. It makes for interesting reading, although I am not so sure it’s good for my spirits.

Anyway, somebody was on my side last night because a woman I’d worked with decades ago was at this travel do and proceeded to introduce me to every media representative in the room – the other PRs were glowering at me.

On the whole, a day of wins I’d say. Let’s hope there are a few more of these to come.

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What goes down, must come up



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