Hard shoulder – Day 290

My neck and shoulders are rigid with tension. I put it down to yesterday’s run-in, which has been preying on my mind. Why do I find it so hard to let stuff go? I should really lie down and do a bit of meditation, but there is no time…

I had a lovely day with my dad, who seems to be in peak health ever since the oncologist told him the tumours had shrunk. He ate more than I’ve seen him pack away in a while and when I left, he was off for a walk along the seafront. I also paid my new client a visit and was bowled away by their latest product.

Now there is the dog to walk, ballet to attend and then check-in to be completed as we are flying overseas for the burial of my friend Jack’s ashes. It’s going to be emotionally tough and I could really do without the added headache of online check-in. It is supposed to be simple. It was when I flew EasyJet recently, but for some reason, BA online is a bit like the Krypton Factor.

There’s a slew of new e-mails in my in-box to attend to, homework for the writing class and of course my five minute comedy routine, although I did manage to hone that on the train down to Dad’s.

How can a woman be so busy, yet earn so little? This is a question I have asked myself since the beginning of this million blog. Still, there is the promise of a non-fiction book in the pipeline, which I discussed with an author friend last night. He thinks it is a goer. It will be a slog, but I have a feeling it could be the work of my lifetime…and by that, I mean something that might make a difference. That would be nice.

Right stuff to do, shoulders to ease.

Personal manifesto

It’s okay.

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