Slow – Day 293

I’ve been on a go slow all day. Some days are like this post Journey. It never used to happen. I was always full steam ahead and would keep going and going until I finally crashed and burned.

I felt a little guilty about not achieving much today, but not for long. It wasn’t a total write-off. I visited a client, polished my five minute stand-up routine ready for Wednesday’s open mic slot (help!!) and even did a bit of work on the novel.

Sunday’s writing class has reignited my passion for it. I read some chapters through today and actually laughed out loud. I hadn’t realised it was so funny. It might even be TOO funny.

I feel a bit miserable today, which I think is the after effects of Jack’s funeral combined with a few other emotional triggers. Normally, I’d stick my head in a bag of peanut butter popcorn, but it’s a fasting day, so an apple must suffice. Shame as I could really do with a Crunchie right now.

I’m at the hairdresser’s writing this on my iPad, which feels a bit self indulgent. It is a colour sale though – what’s a girl to do?

I hope to feel a bit more energetic tomorrow. I have a meeting with a new client, so that should wake me up. And it’s ballet. Hurrah!

Nothing profound to report. No manifesting. No profit. No inspiration. No highs. Never mind, at least I am still standing.

Personal manifesto

Patience is a virtue.

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