Circle of kindness – Day 301

I made an interesting observation yesterday, at least I thought it was interesting, you may not, but do hear me out…

The other day, I mentioned in this blog that I’d turned to somebody for help. I didn’t write it at the time, but that person was very kind to me. Twenty-four hours later, I was going about my business and noticed that I too, felt very kind. It was as if I had absorbed kindness by osmosis.

I wouldn’t say I am an unkind person at all, but on this day, I was full to the brim with a softer sort of kindness. I found myself carrying heavy suitcases up staircases for old ladies, opening doors, smiling and generally being a whole lot nicer than I normally am. Rather than scurry about, head down and ignoring those around me, I felt more connected with people, with life.

And this kindness was a two way thing. People were so nice to me yesterday. Life was nice to me. Things unfolded with ease. And the billionaire potential client that I met…well he was nice to me too, despite the fact that one of his flunkies had warned me not to ask him any questions or say too much. Needless to say, I didn’t take heed of those warnings and decided to be myself…and that is extremely chatty at the best of times.

I’ve read a thousand times over that what you put out, you get back, but yesterday I really felt it with every cell in my body. I liked it, I liked it a lot and only hope that I don’t do what I normally do and forget such a valuable lesson in the blink of an eye. Still, I always have this blog post to go back to as a reminder.

Anyway folks, thanks for reading and may kindness fill your day.

Personal manifesto

The universe is just so into me.

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