No fool – Day 302

My mood is elevating. I still feel like a big old softy following my blast of kindness the other day, but I am no fool. A potential client asked me to do some work for free and when I explained my charges, I got radio silence.

This happens all the time. It is so strange. I would never call up a plumber, a lawyer or a car mechanic and ask them to work for free. I mean, how ludicrous would that be?

I went to a local networking event last night and for once, it was most enjoyable – it involved curry, which was a bonus and the company was good. We discussed this notion of ‘free’ work and almost every single person around the table has been asked to do stuff for nothing.

Does the world not know that freelance/self-employed/business owners have mortgages and leaky rovers too? We also have feelings. Please don’t insult us with your requests for free work.

When I first started doing PR some two years ago, I did do some work for free. I thought it would gain favour, get my foot in the door. All it did was make me feel resentful.

I haven’t made a million in 2018 – far from it, I am poorer than ever! However, I have learnt a lot, about business and myself. On balance, I would say I am a lot richer for it too.

Personal manifesto

My talents are worth hard cash.

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