Rest easy – day 305

Rest was on the agenda today and I’ve found that I’m getting a lot better at it. I did leave the house, to set up a stall for a craft fair and walk the dog twice, but that was it. I didn’t go near any shops as I hate the pre-Xmas rush.

Today we are selling pop-up cards at a historic venue nearby. We’re in a ballroom with giant glass chandeliers hanging above our heads. It is glorious and I intend to enjoy every minute of it.

I love flogging cards. It’s not just the feel of shoving crisp £10 notes into my money bag that gives me a thrill (and believe me it does) it’s the interaction with people I love. It reminds me of my childhood, when I grew up in a pub.

I was born a naturally shy person, but when you are around strangers day in, day out who want to talk to you, you soon get over that.

I enjoy the mechanics of selling too. My sales patter is off to a tee now and because I love the products we are purveying, I find that my excitement is infectious. My husband and I play this guessing game – we spot somebody approaching and bet on whether or not they will buy and which card they will choose. We invariably get it wrong.

Today’s venue was the site of our best day of trading last year. It was populated by the moneyed, who didn’t bat an eyelid at spending £30 plus on a bunch of Christmas cards. I hope they’re in the mood for spending today.

Personal manifesto

Money comes easily to me.

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