Is it nearly here yet? – Day 311

Is it officially the weekend yet? Only I am desperate. I love weekends as you can be idle without guilt, although if I can master that approach on a weekday, I reckon I’ll have cracked the secret to happiness.

There is chocolate chilling in the fridge, clean sheets on the bed and my favourite pyjamas are calling my name. Netflix is brimming with treasures and my new aromatherapy diffuser is pumping out spa scents as I type.

There is however, the small matter of a Christmas craft fair to get through tomorrow. It’s at a posh private school and last year takings for pop-up cards were high. The problem is, I have to go it alone. There are heavy boxes to lug and the other half has the car – because he is doing an Xmas fair some 50 miles away from home and mine is just around the corner.

Eckhart Tolle keeps telling me to live in the moment and not think ahead, but I cannot stop delighting in the thought of Sunday’s silent retreat. I know I am going to love it – even if I end up sobbing in a dark corner because facing myself is just too bloody awful for words.

I won’t have to remember to charge the card reader, trot out lines like ‘yes madam, it’s one Christmas tree that won’t leave needles on your carpet this year’ or ‘Because Christmas doesn’t have to be flat.’ I am practically saying the sales patter in my sleep.

Still, I’m right back in love with the pop-up cards and oddly enough, got a call today from a business coach who reckons a client of his could do with some. You see, I show the cards some love and a little bit of it comes right back at me.

My husband is working from home today and joined me in a conscious resting session. ‘It’s nothing new,’ he said. ‘I was doing this in the 90s.’ I reminded him that there are no prizes, it is simply a meditation.

The good news is, we won’t get on each other’s nerves at either card sale tomorrow. It is hopeless when we try and man a stall together. Each of us wants their own way and let me tell you, that man has NO common sense.  I mustn’t complain, he’s got all my boxes ready for tomorrow, labelled all the sample cards with prices and even given me a demo on how to use the trolley, which will enable me to wheel stock around the corner without having a coronary. Still, I can’t but help feel a little competitive – I wonder who will make the most at our respective markets? The money is on me!

Personal manifesto

I am loving the now.


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