The world through young eyes – Day 312

Another day of hard card selling and I enjoyed it more than most thanks to the glorious kids that visited my stall. When a child takes a fancy to our cards, they don’t hold back – their eyes glow as they marvel at the paper engineering in our pop-up cards. They are simply awestruck and it is so lovely to see.

I’m not usually a kid friendly kind of person, but I felt differently today. I met this fabulous girl aged about seven. She was so clever and funny and told me all about the squishy she’d bought and how her dad hated it when she bought him one for Christmas last year. ‘Would you like to squish it?’ she asked. I did. I smelt it too. She popped back a few times to let me squeeze her toy and as I struggled out of the building with my stock, there she was again, bright-eyed, smiling and offering me one last play with her toy.

I felt so buoyed by the wonderment of children today. I even started to look at our cards through their eyes. They really are rather extraordinary and I was reminded why I started to sell them in the first place.

I had the usual stall holder envy today. Our cards were going like hotcakes, whereas some people didn’t cover the cost they had to pay for the table. Hard cash was definitely flowing to me today and it felt good to be stuffing notes into my money bag.

I’m trying to maintain my good mood whilst the kids are warring in the kitchen. I’ve tried bribing them with chips, chocolate and Diet Coke, but they are determined to scrap. I think it might be time for me to retire to my bed for a spot of conscious resting.

Personal manifesto

Money finds me ludicrously attractive.


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