Silent hangover – Day 314

The after effects of yesterday’s silent retreat are pervading every aspect of my life. I haven’t shouted at one teenager, cursed the dog, slammed a door or reached for the headache pills. I’m carrying around a little slice of inner peace and loving it.

I get it now. All this talk of the stillness within, coming into consciousness, the higher self, blahdy blah…it all makes sense, well maybe not all of it, but I’m getting the gist. When you run your life through the filter of the inner calm that I have uncovered, it feels like a smoother passage.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing strange or startling has happened to me today. Nobody has knocked on my door to offer up the million quid I am supposed to be manifesting, although I did have the billionaire’s fixer on the blower today. No sign of any hard cash though.

Talking of cash, things are still bubbling along nicely on the pop-up cards front and there are lots of potential new PR clients in the offing. I don’t feel so desperate about ‘selling’ my services these days and feel sure that the right people will appear. If they don’t, I can always sell more cards.

I was thinking about how 2018 has panned out this morning. There is no fortune in the pot, but I have met a clutch of incredible women who are teaching me stuff – I have a spiritual teacher, a ballet teacher, a chanting teacher, a mindfulness teacher… This can only mean one thing, well two actually, I’m spending a lot of money on classes and I am learning a lot. As all these things are making me a happier/better person I intend to continue. Perhaps one day, I’ll be able to teach somebody something of value – other than how to write a headline or a blog post worth reading.

Personal manifesto

My awesomeness is growing by the day.

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