Slipping into bliss – Day 316

I spent the day with my Dad and the evening at a meditation class, where I effortlessly slipped back into the pool of bliss that I unearthed during Sunday’s silent retreat. That session is turning out to be of great value as the after effects have lasted for three whole days so far.

I am so inspired by the silent experience, I did a bit of Googling and have discovered a place nearby run by nuns, where you can go for a bit of time out. Six hours costs £15 and 24 hours on a self-catering basis is £35. That sounds like a bargain to me.

I asked the other half if he minded me disappearing for six hours during the Christmas holidays and he replied ‘There’ll be no room at the inn. I tried to book into a monastery over Christmas once and they were full.’

He didn’t bother to try again, but I am determined to build silence into my routine, even if I only manage six hours monthly. I do love the idea of a facilitated silent retreat, but I also think it will be enormously useful if I can work out a way of going solo here. Spiritual mentors can guide me, but can’t give me the answers. I have to work those out for myself.

It’s been interesting to note the way stillness has coloured how I interact with the world. I mentioned in an earlier post that it made me softer and more able to connect with others. It has also improved my listening skills. I am not a great listener as I am always in a hurry to talk, to give my opinion, but I haven’t been doing that so much lately.

I was focusing on sounds during last night’s meditation and noticed that there was a veritable symphony going on out there. The noises helped quiet the chatter in my head and I became so relaxed, I dozed off and nearly jumped out of my skin when the bell rang.

Gravity, that’s another thing I am more aware of. You never think about it do you, but if we were anywhere else in space, we’d go flying off the planet. The earth holds us tight, try as you might to jump off, it will always pull you back. I was aware of the force of gravity beneath my feet as I walked home from the class last night. It is one of many miracles I’ve never noticed before. How many more have I missed?

Personal manifesto

I am uber powerful.

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