Life happens – Day 320

The day started so well. A run with the dog this morning and then into town for my final writing class. Then life happened. Half way through the lesson I got a stream of angry texts from a man who lives underneath a flat that we own – a leak has damaged his ceiling.

That was annoying, but then came another text from my letting agent to say that the tenant who moved out this week, is refusing to pay for breakages and will sue me for £10,000 if I don’t give him his deposit back. He says I have broken the law due to my EPC rating.

That’s the energy rating and actually, having checked the certificate, nothing illegal has occurred. This tenant has been a nightmare as has every other tenant who has lived in the flat. I am starting to wonder if it might be cursed.

The previous letting agent committed fraud with rent money and deposits, we’ve had people taking drugs in the flat, upsetting the neighbours with their noise, parking vans in other people’s spots etc. My husband has wanted to sell it for years and today I agreed that we may as well cut our losses and run.

I ploughed a big chunk of my savings into that flat and reasoned that if I get them back, I could shell out for a studio in the garden, where I can shut the door and get some peace and quiet – only my husband then accused me of being a compulsive spender and said he would rather put the money towards the kids’ university fees. He emphasised that as we are married, the money is not ‘mine’ even though I started saving it long before we met.

Having done a bit of ‘work’ on myself, I am trying to do things differently – I don’t want to get into a big legal battle with this arsehole of a tenant, because I am forever having fights like this and I shouldn’t be arguing with my husband about money. I’ve just done the latter and I ‘m in no mood to let the tenant scare me into handing over his deposit in full. I think the answer is a firm ‘no’ and on this occasion I’ll leave out the ‘See you in court’ bit.

Shit happens, life happens, this sort of stuff is always going to rear its ugly head just when I think things are going so well. The question is, how can I be a bit more Zen about it? I mean, there is a stain on someone’s ceiling and some idiot is trying to swindle us out of money we’re owed. It’s not life or death…it’s just life.

As I am trying not to fall back on sugar today, a hot scented bath is going to have to suffice. I’ll try not to fashion a voodoo doll out of soap and stick pins in it, although come to think of it, that does sound like a rather satisfying idea.

Personal manifesto

Everything is great.

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