Driven by Grace – Day 322

When tenant hell struck a few days ago, I resolved to use some of the tools I learned doing The Journey process and do you know what, it worked. Familiar feelings flared up, but rather than fan the flames of drama and over agonise as I usually do, I instructed our letting agent and forgot about it.

She quietly got on with fixing damage from leaks and telling my bully boy tenant where to stick it, while I’ve spent much of my time watching my daughter dance. Result.

Today, I had to drive to a potential client’s workplace. It is an hour away along a busy route and I was not looking forward to being hemmed in by wheezing lorries and speeding vans. When I got into the car, I took a deep breath and decided to let Grace/the higher power/universal consciousness etc do the driving. I also made a point of ensuring that I gave the drive my full attention – no day dreaming, eating or banal radio shows.

What a joy! The journey went seamlessly, what’s more, it reminded me of how much I love our car. It’s the nicest one we’ve ever owned and it really is a pleasure to drive. The sat nav played ball, I didn’t get lost, hooted at or cut up. The meeting itself went better than expected and the journey home was both swift and smooth.

I’m out drinking fancy gin with some journalist pals tonight and then tomorrow, I have six hours of silence to endure/enjoy with the local nuns. Now, the last time I spent six hours in peace and quiet, I felt utter bliss. Will it be the same this time? Who knows? I’m ready to roll with it and take what comes.

I’ve got lots of new business cooking up at the moment and I am not starting any of it until the New Year when hopefully I’ll feel fully recharged and ready to go, although come to think of it, I’ve NEVER felt like that in January. It normally takes me until February to get my mojo back, but maybe it’ll be different this time. Actually yes, it WILL be. 2019 is going rock!

Personal manifesto

I’m on the road to bliss.

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