New habits – Day 325

I’m really enjoying this new found ability to relax. I’ve got hardly any work on, but with three new clients starting in Jan and another two potentials on the back burner, I’ve decided to make the most of the down time. This is new to me.

I’m one of those people who will create stress where there is none, or at least I used to be. Now that I am a meditating, ohmming fruit loop, I don’t do that so much.

As it was, the sun shone and the day was a real joy. Two work calls that went like a dream, a fantastic meeting with some new collaborators who are young, bright and very charming and I even got a bit of Christmas shopping done.

I took half an hour out for some silence, did some chores and then performed a bit of ballet in front of a few people, for the first time in my life. Friends and family were invited to our class and I must admit, I was more than a little nervous. Many of the people in the group have danced since childhood and one or two have even done it professionally. I am without a doubt, the least able in the class and didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.

Of course I went wrong more than a few times (I can never quite co-ordinate the arms and the legs), but it didn’t matter as the overall effect was one of beauty…it helped that I was standing at the back.

Today, I am accompanying my daughter to a slime event. This entails going to a centre somewhere in town which will be populated by prepubescent girls who make slime in their spare time. They do this by mixing glue with contact lens solutions and other fluids. I have zero interest in this pastime, but it is my daughter’s passion and we rarely get to spend time together alone.

Tomorrow there’s more ballet and chanting on the agenda. Honestly, how much pleasure can one woman take!?!

Personal manifesto

I vow to have fun wherever possible.

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