Note to self – Day 327

Note to self – don’t ever be self-congratulationary about your mothering skills as you are only one step away from Armageddon. I set out to be the world’s No.1 mum today and was instead, a snarling, deranged mess.

I have a cold and am feeling under the weather. The teens could smell my weakness and turned on me like hungry predators. The 12-year-old lay on her bed staring at a phone screen while I tidied her room like an ancient Cinderella. When I asked her to put the few remaining clothes into a bin liner, she refused with a ‘not now!’. Arrrggh!

Then, I cooked a meal for everyone, from scratch I hasten to add. I asked child two to tidy away her art materials from the kitchen table as politely as I could. She ignored me. Twice. Then, when I removed said items myself, she tried to restrain me, physically. I had to snatch the stuff away from her grip. Nil points. Fail. Spirituality rating, -1.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. The husband says that it is best to back off when you are feeling below par. He has a point. I might try that next time. Anyway, I’ve gone to bed in a huff now – let’s hope I am in a better mood tomorrow.

Personal manifesto

I’m doing my best.

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