Sniffle – Day 328

I’ve felt rotten today. My head cold has taken hold. I was sniffling my way to a networking event this morning when all trains were cancelled due to a jumper on the line. How awful. Some poor soul dead a week or so before Christmas.

I used to be one of those people who would mutter under their breath about how ‘selfish’ it was to commit suicide on the railway tracks. Then, one of my friends killed herself this way and having seen the devastation it caused, I now only ever feel empathy for all those involved. The deceased, the train driver, the family, friends etc.

What difference has it made to my life to miss the networking event? So what if people are late for work on one day. It doesn’t matter that much. The dead person will be missed for a lifetime.

I’ve taken it easy today as I am conserving my energy for tomorrow – I have an important meeting and a concert in the evening. Hence, it is not yet six and I am in my pyjamas. I’ve existed on a diet of hot lemon, ginger and honey drinks and a homemade vegetable soup packed with chillies, paprika and cayenne pepper. I will sweat this virus out if it kills me.

That’s all from me folks…there’s a bottle of Night Nurse here with my name on it.

Personal manifesto

My soul knows exactly what I need.

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