Gahhhhh! – Day 330

My maths is so bad I cannot accurately count the shopping days left until Christmas, but I know I am in trouble. Two of my children have no gifts, my Dad was rushed to hospital at 4am and I spent today lying around feeling sorry for myself rather than face the shops.

Tomorrow we have an appointment with the oncologist, I have a string of errands on Friday, so come hell or high water, I will have to brave the high street on Saturday. Give me strength.

I’m still stuffed up with cold. It’s amazing how I take breathing through my nostrils for granted. I got addicted to chemical nasal sprays once, so I can no longer rely on them. I’ve tried inhaling saline solution, sitting in steaming baths and eating hot spices, but this nose of mine is well and truly blocked.

Nobody can take me seriously while I am talking like this – reader, I know you cannot hear me, but if you want to know how I sound, squeeze both nostrils and then speak. You see. It sounds utterly daft.

I plan to go to a meditation class tonight as there is not much talking involved and I need a blast of relaxation before I get in a sweat over my lack of Christmas preparation.

The whole gift buying thing is ludicrous. Why do we do it? I wondered if I should boycott buying and tell the kids that we are giving to charity this year instead. It would save a fortune and give them something to tell their therapists in years to come.

Personal manifesto

I am gathering strength for the New Year.

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