Christmas love – Day 333

I’ve got this set of The Journey cards, which are supposed to be used as an aid to self-enquiry. I haven’t counted, but there are lots of cards in the pack and spookily, I keep pulling out the same card, no matter how much I shuffle. Unconditional love.

Apparently, I am unconditional love and so are you. However, I was more rage on legs when I went to the supermarket this evening. It was heaving and tempers were frayed. I was not feeling the love.

How do you feel the love? If it not apparent inside you, how do you bring it to the fore? I was brimming with love after the day-long silent retreat I did recently, I know that much. Perhaps meditation is the key?

I have to crack this one, the universe is telling me so. I am sick of choosing the unconditional love card and hope for something more exciting to spring from the pack.

Louise Hay talks about all this kind of stuff apparently and I’ve just ordered one of her books. I’m a bit late to the party on this one. I hear she is the pioneer of the self-help movement, but I didn’t know much about her. Anyway, my sister, who seems to have a knack of picking the right books, has recommended her.

I did manage a run in the local park this morning whilst listening to some chanting. I tried to sing along and soon realised that I looked demented. Dog walkers were actively tramping through brambles to avoid me.

Well, all chores have been done, I’ve meditated, shown the universe a bit of gratitude and done the washing up. I reckon I deserve a bit of binge TV watching, don’t you?

Personal manifesto

I am unconditional love

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