Green triangles – Day 332

Good news. Dad was discharged from hospital and all tucked up in his own bed by 11pm able to sleep pain free for the first time in days. This meant I could fritter away my entire day on Christmas shopping.

I always do this. I pretend Christmas is an age away, even when the advent calendar and a pile of chocolate wrappers tell me it is not. Then, I do a quick calculation and realise I have just two shopping days left, which leaves little time for last minute emergency dashes – like the one I will have to do tomorrow to find a tin to house the hundreds of green triangle Quality Street that I bought my dad.

I don’t have to worry too much about the orange creams I also purchased as they are my favourite and therefore disappearing fast.

It took an entire day to do my shopping and wrap everything. What a chore. And what happened about my vow to spend less money this year on useless crap that will be in the charity shop by January 2nd? That vanished faster than the orange creams.

It wasn’t all bad. I had a night out with the ballet class. It was strange to see everyone in normal clothes and with make-up on for once. Plus, we were downing gin as opposed to water and I didn’t have to worry about co-ordinating my arm and leg movements.

There is only one hurdle to overcome. I have guests sleeping in the girls’ bedrooms, which currently look like scenes from a World’s Greatest Hoarders TV show. My sister-in-law lives alone and I don’t think she will appreciate sharing her bed with a dozen 8oz pots of Christmas Tree Slime, although it does smell very nice.

I did grab 20 minutes to meditate today, but my mind kept running away with me. Staying in the now felt virtually impossible. Oh well, there’s a new now every second, so all is never lost.

Personal manifesto

I am not a slave to consumerism.

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