Here’s to the fabulous 51 – Day 336

Before I begin, I want to say a BIG thank-you to the 51 awesome people who follow my blog. I know that may not be a vast audience in the world of blogging, but it means the world to me. That’s almost one new follower for every week of the year.

As you know, this blog started as an attempt to make a million pounds and has ended in the realisation that I want to follow a more spiritual path. That does not mean I don’t have my mind on the moolah any more, I do, but unless I work on my self-worth, I won’t be getting rich any time soon. Anyhow you lot, thanks for sticking with me on this journey. You rock!

I had a glorious start to Christmas morning. A run along the river. There was hardly any traffic at all, the birds were singing and the church bells peeled as I passed. To top it all, Starbucks was open and I treated myself to a flat white.

It’s normally chaotic here on Christmas morning, but the husband has gone to see his sick father and my equally sick father, is over at my sister’s and we’ll all be going over there later for lunch. I am in charge of the turkey, which is quietly roasting in the Aga (yes, I am THAT middle-class).

I smiled at every person I passed on my jog and they all smiled back. Even the teenagers have been nice to me so far, but that’s probably because I bought half of Hollister on their behalf last week.

It’s been a mindful start to the day. I feel very calm and am about to chant in a scented bath – that’s something you can’t do when the house is full of people. I may even look in the mirror and tell myself what an awesome badass I am.

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas break. Sending love and compassion to any of you who are struggling at this time of the year. Remember, we are all in this together. You are never truly alone.

Personal manifesto

I love my fabulous 51 followers!


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